CULTURE FOR ALL! Experience cultural diversity

Training International inclusive Youth Work

The development of inclusive culture has an important impact on the innovative transformation of our European society, which enriches us all and enhances the diversity of our cultural landscape. Culture for all! means full access to cultural youth education measures and openness to all interested people. Inclusive and well established international, european youth work offers the chance to convey common worlds of experience.

Living inclusive culture

Dealing with diversity is already practice in many programs, projects and measures. Overall, however, there is still too little access for people with disabilities to international experiences in heterogeneous youth groups. There are many reasons for this: Project leaders and Program planners or professionals may have doubts or fears of responsibilities concerning an unknown sector. Or the adolescents are confronted with barriers that prevent them from participating in a measure. However, the focus of inclusive project planning in culture sector (music, art, theater,
dance, etc.) could be varied and full of interesting encounters and are based on the interests of the young target group itself. The focus lies on innovative methodological approaches and formats of international inclusive youth work. Above all, the focus lied on innovative methodological approaches and formats of international inclusive youth work.

This is the aim of the action Training “CULTURE FOR ALL! Experience cultural diversity “. It is addressed to actors from Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic, and to professionals of (inter)national youth work, multipliers, teachers, pedagogues, rehabilitation professionals interested in social inclusion and approaches of non-formal education or want to gain new competences in certain topics of diversity. Actively involved in the exchange are youth workers, representatives of disability groups and as experts young adults who have already participated in inclusive cultural youth projects.

Inclusion involves the confrontation with boundaries, barriers and problems: To change a kind of attitude means as well to risk a change of perspective. It is important to realize that all people are diverse and have varies abilities and therefore different settings are necessary to ensure the participation of everyone. Professionals and Youth workers – with and without disabilities – can see the exchange as an opportunity to gain new experiences, insights and actions. And above all this affects the daily work with young people.


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