Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme “Multicultural Vibes” Youth Exchange project “Multiculti“ in the Jugendakademie Walberberg in Bornheim, Germany, 04-11.09.2022

The Youth Exchange with the subtitle „Multiculti” took place during the period 04-11.09.2022 in Bornheim, Walberberg (Germany), with 21 participants from 4 countries Slovakia, Spain, Greece and Germany. The project idea was to connect different cultures and social backgrounds through music. The project gave the participants the opportunity to explore the importance of cultural heritage and building of European identity through music. During this youth exchange it was important for us to exchange opinions and experiences, the discovery of new dimensions of reality, awareness of racism, xenophobia, intolerance. Different methods were included in the programme to achieve the objectives of the exchange. During the activity we used a variety of non-formal learning methods such as workshops, ice-breakers, energizers, team building activities, the Orff-methods, small working groups, brainstorming, discussions, dialogue, research, reflection, outdoor activities (sports), films, concerts, Power-point presentations, etc.
Programme activities were balanced in workshops on specific topics, where participants were divided in international working groups, energizers, team-building activities ect. Through non-formal methods we encouraged multicultural teamwork, developed personal skills and abilities of the participants, developed creativity, innovation and helped young people to learn how to be assertive.

What the young participants said about their experience from the youth exchange “Multiculti”?:
“I love participating in EU-projects. I think they really contribute to my life. I learned a lot about how to live with other people and in this project I learned how to compose music and how to work in a band”.

“Being able to cooperate and make music, it helped me a lot not only to improve myself but also to create something beautiful and also improve my English”.

“Unforgettable experience that I will remember. I’m leaving full of good memories and friends. Of course I improved myself and I’m very grateful for that”.

“I’d love to do something like this again because I never had such a great experience with music and people that I’ve never seen before”.

“It helped me to free myself and to built my confidence about my art and myself. Also great contacts for future projects”.

“I would like to go again to another similar project. It was positive in every sence”.

“For me was an important aspect to connect with people, because it’s always nice to open your mind. It was amazing, I found love. I will repeat it 1000 times”.

Experience of two sisters, participants from Slovakia

“Youth musical exchange in Germany was an interesting project to participate in. I have decided to take my younger sister with me, because she never understood the importance of knowing more than her mother tongue. She loves music and this was the main reason, why she has decided to step out of her comfort zone and take her first flight ever for this great adventure. My sister and I often sing together and I also love to write lyrics and she plays the guitar and composes music. I think this exchange was made especially for us!
When we met Pali and Miško (two other participants from Slovakia) at 4 a.m. at the parking lot, where the taxi was waiting for us, I knew right away, that we are going to be great friends during and even after the project. The journey to the beautiful area of Bornheim – Jugendakademie Walberberg was fun, full of jokes and good mood thanks to them. Also the whole travelling was really cool, without any problems thanks to Hana, who was the project coordinator. She helped us to find the cheapest flight tickets and communicated everything with us.

What have we experienced after?
-Great drum workshop with the African musician Abdou, who also taught us how to dance Salsa!
-Cultural nights with traditional music, dance, food and snacks. I discovered very interesting omelette recipe with potatoes, that guys from Spain cooked for us. It was delicious!
-We visited two cities and we asked many locals about their connection to music.
-Work is an international music band, where we learned from each other new music skills. The band of my sister consisted of 2 Slovaks, 1 Greek and 1 Spanish. She had to communicate in English and at the end of the project, she was way better at speaking, that she was before. Also they managed to compose 2 new songs.
My band consisted of Miško, talented guys from Spain and a Greek singer. We composed 2 songs and it was also fun. We tried multiple genres in one song and that for me was the most educational part. I worked as a lyrics writer and helped with singe’s parts. In one song I expressed the essential human need of having a friend. The song began like any pop song, but then there was this part as a bridge, where only accordion played and only men sung. It was sudently like an ancient song… very, very old. And that was the moment, my lyrics were fully understandable and somehow fulfilled with a meaning. And I am so so grateful, I could experience this.
The whole stay at the Jungendakademie Walberberg was a gift. Vegetarian cuisine, beautiful green area, fresh air, warm-hearted people and a lot of laughter has been a cure for someone like me, a tired student. I gained back my power, energy, and the most important: motivation to create and write.
My sister and I came back home full of new ideas and the best memories. We enjoyed every part of the project and we are ready for a next round!

Alexandra & Dorota

During the project new original music and many beautiful and lyrics were created by the multicultural groups of young people. Here are some of them:

SONG n. 1
Coffee or tea
Salty or sweet
Long hair or short
Should I be nice or strong

Extrovert, introvert
Wear jeans or skirt
No onion, yes onion la la la
Alone or with companion

My favourite part of going anywhere
Is coming back home to someone from nowhere
I know it’s crazy never know what to choose
But the only thing I’m sure about it’s you

Shave or not to shave
Be coward or brave
Violence or peace
Is this song trash? Masterpiece?

Movie or book
Eat out or cook
Straight or gay
Is this ew or yay


I don’t really mind
Many options or humankind
For me anything will do
Until I can be with you

SONG n. 2
Take good shoes on
Time to live your dusty name
Eyes fully closed
Run the world, be exposed

Night seems quite long
Short days , how to be strong
Town, lonely crowds
Heavy head, full of clouds

Blind trust that people are kind
Feeling lost la la la
Looking for a bright sun
Will you be a friend of mine

Boy could you save
My house of cards
Girl please just stay
Wind blows too hard


SONG n. 3
„We have no inspiration“
We have no inspiration,
We only think bout’ beer
Also got time limitation
and want to shift the gear

Just one beer,
Okay maybe two
no reason to fear,
Bring your sister too.

I like lying under the sun
with a cold beer
This song is the only thing
I want to hear,

I like beer and she likes me
This may sounds weird
But we just wanna drink a beer 2x

Chorus x2
(With this magic drink
I feel alive, Thanks to beer I have survived.)

SONG n. 4
I’ve never seen such a thing,
And it makes me think
Why it’s not the same
No idea who to blame.

I was raised to be nice,
I was always that guy,
Maybe all of us should
They would understood
I’m sure they would..

The world is a great place,
We need to share grace
So why are there differences
About bake rolls packages

Last time I was eating them,
I finally felt like a man
Strong and full of power,
Ready to eat them every hour.

There’s not anything better,
I’m sure bout that
If there is, whatever
I didn’t taste it yet.

This project was supported by the Erasmus+Youth in Action Programme of the European Union through the German National Agency “Jugend für Europa”