MUSIC- Cultural Heritage; YOUTH 4 music traditions (21.9.-28.9.2019), Jugendakademie Walberberg PART 1

Our experience from the Erasmus+ program in Bornheim, Germany.

Our group travelled from Greece.

Five young musicians departed in order to meet other groups and share an amazing musical journey. Friendships where built very quickly between people that where strangers beforehand. Musical and cultural knowledge was shared.

Each group organised a cultural night about their countries and everyone learned a lot about each nation’s customs, while also trying out traditional foods and beverages. The coexistence of all those different people, us included, made us realise we have absolutely nothing to separate with the other nations. Learning about the rest of the world is important and beautiful, even more so when you experience each country and/or tradition first hand.

The only downside is the distance that is now between us and the rest of the participants, as we feel like we now have an everlasting bond that we will always treasure.

Our -especially musical- journey is far from over, but it is certainly enhanced after this outstanding week.

Greek participants: Ariadni Bimpisidi. Aris Mastrokalos, Aikaterini Karvountzi, Vasiliki Gerali